In the head and the branch offices, there is the basic post-selling service that has the support of:
  • spare part stores with the most up-to-date computer means to interact with customers in search, supplying and delivery of the goods in good time;
  • workshops with the most advanced methods and their skilled technicians (they often attend up-to-date courses) to take immediate action to repair machinery. The company has 6 mobile workshops to reach customers quickly and 2 lorries (for exceptional transport too) to deliver all over Italy.

In Forlì, in the head office, there is a service centre for consultancy and professional advice such as:
  • bank office for funds;
  • lawyer office;
  • insurance office in every field;
  • management office;
  • agronomy office.

Via A. Dragoni, 114 - 47122 Forlì (FC)

P.IVA: 00924810401 - R.I. FC REA 179897
Capitale Sociale 700.000 i.v.

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